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Emacs crashes

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Emacs crashes
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 09:23:23 +1300

I've had Emacs crash/hang in three different ways in recent days.  It would
appear to be less stable than it was two years ago:

1) It hangs with some kind of mutex lock which I don't understand with a brief
   backtrace of three functions in libc, I think.  The only thing I can do,
   after attaching with GDB, is kill it.

2) A garbage collection related crash where mark_object is called recursively 
   literally thousands of times,

3) A crash that is caused by recent changes to the tool bar (I think).  I
   attach the bactrace to this one below (xbacktrace produces no output).
   It appears to go wrong in produce_image_glyph where img=0x0 because
   it->f->output_data.x->display_info->used = 73, is less than
   it->image_id = 87.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

0  0x005657a2 in _dl_sysinfo_int80 () from /lib/ld-linux.so.2
#1  0x005a5df6 in kill () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#2  0x0810f587 in fatal_error_signal (sig=11) at emacs.c:430
#3  <signal handler called>
#4  0x08106d26 in prepare_image_for_display (f=0xa1312e0, img=0x0) at 
#5  0x0808cbad in produce_image_glyph (it=0xfee4d570) at xdisp.c:19505
#6  0x0809030d in x_produce_glyphs (it=0xfee4d570) at xdisp.c:20585
#7  0x080755c4 in display_tool_bar_line (it=0xfee4d570, height=38) at 
#8  0x08075cf6 in redisplay_tool_bar (f=0xa1312e0) at xdisp.c:9678
#9  0x0807d992 in redisplay_window (window=169022564, just_this_one_p=0) at 
#10 0x080792f0 in redisplay_window_0 (window=169022564) at xdisp.c:11523
#11 0x0818c065 in internal_condition_case_1 (bfun=0x80792c4 
<redisplay_window_0>, arg=169022564, handlers=137856245, hfun=0x80792a3 
<redisplay_window_error>) at eval.c:1521
#12 0x08079290 in redisplay_windows (window=169022564) at xdisp.c:11502
#13 0x08078731 in redisplay_internal (preserve_echo_area=0) at xdisp.c:11062
#14 0x08076d29 in redisplay () at xdisp.c:10292
#15 0x08115328 in read_char (commandflag=1, nmaps=3, maps=0xfee4e4f0, 
prev_event=137869513, used_mouse_menu=0xfee4e5ec) at keyboard.c:2549
#16 0x0811e7fc in read_key_sequence (keybuf=0xfee4e750, bufsize=30, 
prompt=137869513, dont_downcase_last=0, can_return_switch_frame=1, 
fix_current_buffer=1) at keyboard.c:8874
#17 0x08112d25 in command_loop_1 () at keyboard.c:1536
#18 0x0818bf37 in internal_condition_case (bfun=0x8112a27 <command_loop_1>, 
handlers=137914153, hfun=0x811256f <cmd_error>) at eval.c:1473
#19 0x081128a0 in command_loop_2 () at keyboard.c:1328
#20 0x0818b9b6 in internal_catch (tag=137910385, func=0x8112882 
<command_loop_2>, arg=137869513) at eval.c:1211
#21 0x08112854 in command_loop () at keyboard.c:1307
#22 0x081122ee in recursive_edit_1 () at keyboard.c:1000
#23 0x0811242f in Frecursive_edit () at keyboard.c:1061
#24 0x08110d0c in main (argc=1, argv=0xfee4ed94) at emacs.c:1789

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