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RE: Emacs Manual topics to remove?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs Manual topics to remove?
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 07:18:14 -0800

        * all mail stuff and all news stuff (including gnus)
        * all calendar and diary stuff
        * version contol (maybe)
        * all language modes: C, Fortran, Tex, Nroff, ASM, ...
        * running debuggers (GUD)
        * international stuff
        * AntiNews

    That would be too drastic.

What would be too drastic? To consider them as _candidates_?

    Most of that is very important, and worth printing in the manual.

Of course it is. And not only most of it, but all of it.

I certainly was not proposing moving all of that (or even any of it) out of
the printed manual. And I made it clear that these topics could be looked at
after those that had already been proposed by others had been considered. As
I said, these are _additional_ candidates to consider, if need be.

You asked for candidates. These important topics are nevertheless less
fundamental than basic editing and such, which is the point. If only one or
two obvious candidates are proposed, that doesn't help if the intention or
need is to move more material. Given a long list, you can prioritize it and
pick those least important to move, as space permits. A list that is too
short is no help in moving more material.

You didn't say that enough had already been moved, after moving emerge,
picture, and Fortran. The implication was that you were still looking for
more (how much?) to move. Of the topics that remained and hadn't yet been
suggested (and were not trivially small), I listed the least fundamental
(IMO) as additional candidates.

You didn't make the requirement clear, if you had in mind a particular amout
of material to move. Lacking that, the most appropriate response to your
request would be a prioritized list of _all_ of the manual nodes.

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