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Compilation Helper

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Compilation Helper
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 15:06:44 +1300

 > Following the great DVC development, 

What is DVC?

 >                                      I made some adaptations to the
 > dgnushack.el, for now it's called package-maint.el, if you have a
 > better ideas for the name, thanks to submit... ;-)

What does dgnushack.el do?

 > The goal is to make it more general, it can group some common tricks
 > for GNU Emacs vs. XEmacs and specificities about versions.

How does this relate to Emacs development?

 > A package maintainer must provide a package-specific helper wich
 > require package-maint.el and set the package-maint-pkg variable which
 > is the actual package name, it's used for autoloads.

You've lost me.


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