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Re: old bootstrap error emerges again

From: Zhang Wei
Subject: Re: old bootstrap error emerges again
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 19:59:12 +0800
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Are you using MSYS?

yes, i'm using MinGW + MSYS.

> Would you please stop offending the few volunteers who maintain the
> Windows port?  Even if you believe the problem is still unsolved,
> that's not a reason good enough to say that ``nobody cares'' about it.

Sorry, if you feel offended. I just happen to bump into a problem and
searched the web and found the same problem has been reproted
before. If some GNU Emacs developers feel offended by the referencing
of an old report, I could just describe the problem next time, no more
any referencing. But that is a quite strange request, I don't think
it's anybody's fault if there's a subtle unsolved bug in a program,
because different people has a diverse different system
configuration. I'm not a native english speaker, I have to reference
the dictionary many times while composing email in english, It's quite
an opportunity I pick up a wrong word to express my thought. If some
people feel offended, sorry for that. And finally, thanks for your
correction of the grammer.

> The facts are utterly different from your assertion: out of the 3
> problems reported in that message, 2 are already resolved (albeit in a
> way that is different from what was suggested there).  As for the 3rd,
> the one with the absent DOC file, I asked at some point to provide
> details about it, but got no responses.  If you can afford investing
> some effort in working with us on this problem, I'm sure we will
> resolve it in no time.

May be I didn't describe the problem clearly. The problem is bootstrap
stoped while compliling lisp/url/vc-dav.el, it complains that there's
no DOC file in the etc/ directory, so I have to copy the `DOC' file
from lib-src/ to etc/ manually and bootstrap again.

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