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incomplete header-line with 3d boxes and prop fonts

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: incomplete header-line with 3d boxes and prop fonts
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:35:05 -0500
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Try the following command:

   src/emacs -Q --eval '(set-face-attribute (quote header-line) nil :family 
"helv")' ~/tmp/foo.ses

If you don't have a foo.ses file, you'll get an empty spreadsheet.
Now hit M-o a few times to add some columns.

Now two things:

1 - as already reported, the right hand side of the 3d boxes in the
    header-line are missing.

2 - the last few pixels of the header-line are missing.  Most likely you
    will not have noticed it yet because it's ben correctly drawn earlier
    and hasn't been overdrawn yet.  But try C-l to see what's really
    going on: for each 3d box in the header line a few pixels are lost at
    the right edge of the header-line.

The same thing happens with the mode-line (except that 3d boxes in the
mode-line are harder to come by, except for mouse-face highlights and those
don't seem to suffer from that problem).


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