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Re: address@hidden: HP-UX: link error]

From: Christoph Bauer
Subject: Re: address@hidden: HP-UX: link error]
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:47:07 +0100

>     mbstate_t is defined in wchar.h if 
> _INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE is defined. 
> Should Emacs be defining that macro?

 It would be convenient when configure detects, that
the flag -D_INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE is necessary to build with
HP-UX cc. In configure.in this could be done in
the "hppa*-hp-hpux1[1-9]*" case [1] by


Otherwise a note in INSTALL for HP-UX would be nice.

[1] Because of lack of older HP machines I cannot check 
the cases for HP-UX 7-10.

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