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Re: Excess spaces in info copyrights; inconsistent @copyright{} usage.

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Excess spaces in info copyrights; inconsistent @copyright{} usage.
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 17:27:51 -0600

Hi Andrew and all,

    1. There are excess spaces in the generated Copyright lines in many
       but not all info files; I'm using makeinfo 4.8. This seems to occur
       for files with more than one line of copyright dates.

In general, makeinfo (unlike TeX) does not ignore spaces at the
beginning of a line.  Most multiple-line copyrights were indeed indented
in the source:
Copyright ...
  2000, 2001 ...

The two spaces in the input are preserved in the makeinfo output, a
"feature" of makeinfo since inception.  (Probably inherited from
texinfo-format-buffer, I expect.)

Anyway, I removed all such indentations I could find in the Emacs manual
sources, and added an admonition about it in the Texinfo manual.

    2. Some of the *.texi files use the @copyright{} construct in their
       copyright lines (e.g. erc.texi), and some don't (e.g. elisp.texi).

@copyright{} should be used within an @copying block or similar.  Again,
I changed all the occurrences I could find.  (The exception are the @c
copyrights in the subsidiary .texi files; since that text is never
typeset, (C) is preferred there.)

A few manuals still used @ifinfo and the like instead of @copying (also,
@ifnottex should be used around the Top node).  If someone else could
systematically check for and fix that problem, I would be grateful.

Thanks for the report,

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