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Re: Should read-file-name doc mention `file-name-handler-alist'?

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Should read-file-name doc mention `file-name-handler-alist'?
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 16:11:30 -0700
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Lennart Borgman wrote:
It seems to use it. Or am I wrong?

Many, many functions use it, so I doubt it's worth documenting its
use everywhere.  From the Magic File Names node of the Emacs Lisp

| All the Emacs primitives for file access and file name transformation
| check the given file name against `file-name-handler-alist'.  If the
| file name matches REGEXP, the primitives handle that file by calling
|    Here are the operations that a magic file name handler gets to
| handle:
| `add-name-to-file', `copy-file', `delete-directory', `delete-file',
| `diff-latest-backup-file', `directory-file-name', `directory-files',
| `dired-call-process', `dired-compress-file', `dired-uncache',
| `expand-file-name', `file-accessible-directory-p',
| `file-attributes', `file-directory-p', `file-executable-p',
| `file-exists-p',
| `file-local-copy', `file-modes', `file-name-all-completions',
| `file-name-as-directory', `file-name-completion', `file-name-directory',
| `file-name-nondirectory', `file-name-sans-versions',
| `file-newer-than-file-p', `file-ownership-preserved-p',
| `file-readable-p', `file-regular-p', `file-symlink-p', `file-truename',
| `file-writable-p', `find-backup-file-name', `get-file-buffer',
| `insert-directory', `insert-file-contents', `load', `make-directory',
| `make-symbolic-link', `rename-file', `set-file-modes',
| `set-visited-file-modtime', `shell-command',
| `unhandled-file-name-directory', `vc-registered',
| `verify-visited-file-modtime',
| `write-region'.

Does read-file-name actually check file-name-handler-alist directly,
or via one or more of those primitives?

Kevin Rodgers

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