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RE: Getting help for a widget

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Getting help for a widget
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 06:36:14 -0800

    I think it is too difficult to get help for a widget.


This is perhaps the main difficulty of working with or even talking about
widgets (and, so, with Customize too) as either a user or a casual
developer: understanding what the &address@hidden is going on. It is different 
the rest of Emacs, where you can start with, say, `C-h k' and drill down
easily to see exactly what is happening at any level of detail (and perhaps
modify the behavior).

In a word, Widget World is opaque, at least to the uninitiated (which I
think is 99.999% of us). I doubt there's much that can be done about that
without an overhaul, but I could be wrong - after all, I can't figure it

If the code could be more transparent or user-friendly, that would be great.
If not, how about a tutorial or a Widget-World map?

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