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RE: what-cursor-position - why not list the line # as well?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: what-cursor-position - why not list the line # as well?
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 11:51:05 -0700

    > I use both the column and line numbers in the mode line, but
    > I would still find it handy to have both in `C-x =' also.

    *Shrug* If you need that information frequently, you could write a
    simple function that puts it into the kill ring, and bind it to some

Why "*Shrug*"? Are you upset? I can of course write lots of functions, but
this is something I proposed adding to an existing Emacs command.  The
question is, why not?

The only reason you gave was that that info is already (by default) in the
mode line. That's a fair argument, but I replied: 1) That default behavior
does not mean that it is in the mode line for everyone all of the time. 2)
You cannot copy+paste mode-line info (AFAIK).

Instead of responding to either a) my reasons for making this change or b)
my reasons why your argument against it is insufficient, you tell me that I
can always code the functionality myself, for my own use. Do you think that
reply helps advance the discussion? Can we discuss the pros and cons of the

Why such teeth-pulling over a simple (probably trivial) proposal? If you
don't think it's a good idea, please provide some arguments to further the

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