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Re: ignore is bound to <lwindow> but <lwindow> is META

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ignore is bound to <lwindow> but <lwindow> is META
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 16:29:02 -0400
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> Oh, I see.  But is not that quite confusing?

Yes, I wouldn't call it a feature.  But more generally, figuring out the
reverse mapping from a command (or an event) to its possible sources
(e.g. which physical key (with its name), or mouse movement) is between
difficult and impossible.

> There might be many ways to generate an event (I actually do not know),
> but when I see "foo is bound to M-c, ..." I believe that when I hit M-c
> Emacs will call foo.  I suspect most users will expect the same.

> Is not key-translation-map a simple case?

Partly.  It's relatively easy to check whether M-c will be affected or not
by key-translation-map, but it can be very hard to determine if
key-translation-map can translate some other event into M-c.

> Can't this be checked in help?

It could.  And it might get us one step closer.  But there are still many
more steps, some of which outside of Emacs's control and/or knowledge, and
additional steps get added every once in a while, sometimes without even
being aware of it.

Even without key-translation-map, the window-manager might catch the M-c
before Emacs sees it, or it might be bound via special-event-map, or ...


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