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gdb-ui bogosity with conditional breakpoints

From: Miles Bader
Subject: gdb-ui bogosity with conditional breakpoints
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 09:06:30 +0900

I'm running a program invoked with Emacs gdb-ui with a conditional
breakpoint.  Normally gdb will appear to just run silently until it hits
the breakpoint and the condition evaluates to true (it's somewhat
slower than normal because of gdb's involvement, but in many cases,
quite usable).

However, using gdb-ui, it appears to be notifying Emacs _every time_ it
hits the breakpoint, even when the condition is not true!  As a result
it's running, but the "run status" in the mode-line keeps flickering
between "[running]" and "[stopped]", and the "current location" icon in
the fring is flashing (at the breakpoint position).

This _drastically_ slows down execution, far more than the normal speed
penalty for using a conditional breakpoint.  It also insists on popping
up the source window every time it hits the breakpoint (even though it
doesn't actually stop), which obviously messes up the user's window
arrangement (continually!).

Is there anyway to disable this behavior?  If so, I think it should be
the default -- the icon and mode-line flashing is not particularly
useful, and the annoyance level is fairly high.


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