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Inconsistent use of align/indent comments in info

From: Andrew M. Scott
Subject: Inconsistent use of align/indent comments in info
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 07:54:55 -0700

The info pages seem to inconsistently refer to aligning vs. indenting
comments, as shown by the "^^^^^" marks below. Any fix probably
depends on whether one considers aligning and indenting as
independent, or one as a subset of the other.

C-h i
m emacs
s comments takes you to 

Editing Programs
* Comments::            Inserting, killing, and aligning comments.
Hitting return * Comments above takes you to:

File: emacs,  Node: Comments,  Next: Documentation,  Prev: Parentheses,  Up: 

31.5 Manipulating Comments

Because comments are such an important part of programming, Emacs
provides special commands for editing and inserting comments.  It can
also do spell checking on comments with Flyspell Prog mode (*note

* Menu:

* Comment Commands::    Inserting, killing, and indenting comments.
Hitting return on Comment Commands: takes you to
File: emacs,  Node: Comment Commands,  Next: Multi-Line Comments,  Up: Comments

31.5.1 Comment Commands

The comment commands in this table insert, kill and align comments.
Andy Scott

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