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Problem report #8

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Problem report #8
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 23:59:18 -0700

I signed up to see the Coverity problem reports. 
RMS asked me to post a few here.
There are 76 problems, I analyzed 10 of them, none of them were bugs
in emacs.

Hopefully more people can help with this.

If you analyze the problem, please add to the subject the resolution
which can be one of the following:


I will then put this on the website. Or better mark it there directly
if you have access.

CID: 8
Checker: DEADCODE (help)
File: emacs/src/xfns.c
Function: Fx_window_property
Description: After this line, the value of "actual_format" is equal to 32

4327          if (rc == Success && tmp_data)
4328            {
4329              /* The man page for XGetWindowProperty says:
4330                 "If the returned format is 32, the returned data is 
4331                 as a long array and should be cast to that type to obtain 
4332                 elements."
4333                 This applies even if long is more than 32 bits, the X 
4334                 converts from 32 bit elements received from the X server 
to long
4335                 and passes the long array to us.  Thus, for that case 
bcopy can not
4336                 be used.  We convert to a 32 bit type here, because so 
much code
4337                 assume on that.
4339                 The bytes and offsets passed to XGetWindowProperty refers 
to the
4340                 property and those are indeed in 32 bit quantities if 
format is
4341                 32.  */

Event dead_error_condition: On this path, the condition "actual_format < 32" 
could not be true
Event new_values: Conditional "actual_format == 32"
Event const: After this line, the value of "actual_format" is equal to 32
Also see events: [dead_error_begin][new_values][const]

4343              if (actual_format == 32 && actual_format < BITS_PER_LONG)
4344                {
4345                  unsigned long i;

Event dead_error_begin: Cannot reach dead code beginning here
Also see events: [dead_error_condition][new_values][const]

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