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Re: vc-annotate error, PATCH

From: JD Smith
Subject: Re: vc-annotate error, PATCH
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:59:44 -0700
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On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 18:27:46 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> I looked into this further, and it turns out the ordering was correct,
>> but the `temp-buffer-show-function' was getting called before the
>> local variables were set, at the end of `with-output-to-temp-buffer'.
>> Since this in turns calls the auto-scaling display code, which
>> requires the local variables to be set, it fails.
> [...]
>> Below is a patch which does all this.  Any objections to installing
>> it?  Give it a try on a really old file, like subr.el.
> Thanks.  The bug-fix part of the patch looks fine to me, thank you for
> tracking it down and please install it.
> I have no opinion on the colormap part of the code.

No problem.  Unless anyone has any objections in the next day or so to
the changes in colormap and default display mode, I'll install.


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