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Problem report #31

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Problem report #31
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 08:48:24 -0700

CID: 31
Checker: NEGATIVE_RETURNS (help)
File: emacs/src/process.c
Function: Fprocess_send_eof
Description: Tracked variable "new_outfd" used as index to array 

Event negative_return_fn: Called negative-returning function "emacs_open" 
Event var_assign: NEGATIVE return value of "emacs_open" assigned to signed 
variable "new_outfd"
Also see events: [var_assign][negative_returns]

6233          new_outfd = emacs_open (NULL_DEVICE, O_WRONLY, 0);
6234          old_outfd = XINT (XPROCESS (proc)->outfd);

Event negative_returns: Tracked variable "new_outfd" used as index to array 
Also see events: [negative_return_fn][var_assign]

6236          if (!proc_encode_coding_system[new_outfd])
6237            proc_encode_coding_system[new_outfd]
6238              = (struct coding_system *) xmalloc (sizeof (struct 
6239          bcopy (proc_encode_coding_system[old_outfd],
6240                 proc_encode_coding_system[new_outfd],
6241                 sizeof (struct coding_system));
6242          bzero (proc_encode_coding_system[old_outfd],
6243                 sizeof (struct coding_system));

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