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Re: cperl-mode instead of perl-mode?

From: Randal L. Schwartz
Subject: Re: cperl-mode instead of perl-mode?
Date: 14 Apr 2006 17:27:27 -0700
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>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

Stefan> As the "maintainer" of both perl-mode and (until a few days ago)
Stefan> cperl-mode, I'll vote to keep perl-mode as the default, because
Stefan> cperl-mode's code is ugly.

The code is probably ugly because it actually works on 95% of Perl code out
there, instead of perl-mode which requires a lot more of "you code for
perl-mode, instead of perl-mode helping you".

It's very *rare* that I need to change what I would have typed to have
cperl-mode properly lex it and indent and color it.  perl-mode almost always
gets my typical code wrong.  Perl code resists naive lexing.  cperl-mode is
maintained by the same guy who did a lot of Perl regular expression engine,
and understands parsing complex things.

Stefan> I haven't used cperl-mode much, tho, but my impression was that it
Stefan> provides more specialized support for Perl hackers, while Emacs users
Stefan> who use a variety of languages may prefer perl-mode which is more
Stefan> standard.

Well, there's my datapoint.

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