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Re: comint-accumulate-marker

From: Bob Portmann
Subject: Re: comint-accumulate-marker
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 17:19:01 -0700 (PDT)

--- JD Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> `comint-accumulate-marker' should (I believe) be left at the process
> mark when lines are accumulated.  To see this:
> M-x shell
> echo this is test 1 [RET]
> echo this is test 2; [C-c SPC]
> echo this is more test 2 [M-p]
> The entire accumulated command should be replaced by the previous
> item
> on the input history, but it is not, since the accumulate marker was
> moved to the beginning of the 2nd line ("this is more test 2"), and
> use to
> mark the beginning of the region which is replaced by the historical
> command.
> I noticed this while I was implementing a comint feature in my
> mode.  It occurs to me that this feature might be a useful option for
> all comint modes, and might be better added there.  In a terminal
> shell, using up arrow to recall history doesn't clobber the partially
> complete command you are composing.  If you go back down, it is still
> there (even if it's blank).  

I, for one, would welcome this change in shell (and other shell like)
modes.  I MUCH prefer the way regular terms work where one can go up in
the history and then back down and still have a blank line (or whatever
was there).  Going immediately to the opposite end of the ring is
disorienting when one has lots (1000+) of things saved in the history. 
And then it is a pain to type C-x u to get a blank line again.

It also seems to go against the emacs philosophy that this behavior
cannot (easily) be configured.


> Not so in comint modes.  Going down with
> M-p only wraps you around the input ring.  You can emulate the
> terminal shell behavior by pretending there is another node on the
> ring between index 0 and the last ring index, and save the partially
> completed command when you stop "on" or "off" the ring.  I'd envision
> this as a user option.
> Do we have a 22.1 pre-release branch where only bug-fixes are being
> applied, vs. HEAD where new features are being placed?
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