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Re: Moving vertical boundaries after C-x 3

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Moving vertical boundaries after C-x 3
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 20:56:17 -0400

     > Isn't there still a short vertical line, which one can use to drag the
     > scroll bar left or right?  That is what this discussion started about.
     > That is where this matters for most users.

    ISTR scroll bars weren't part of the original thread.  There is a very short
    line on the mode line where one can drag the scroll bar

Yes, that is what I'm talking about.  That is where the arrow appears,
that's where I asked for a tooltip, and that's where these new mouse clicks
would work, if we define them.

     > I don't see much benefit in making it possible to delete the
     > window with a click on that small vertical line.

    When the scroll bar is not present, the window edge can be dragged at any 
    along its edge.

Yes, but since there usually is a scroll bar, I think this won't be
useful for many users.  I don't think it is worth defining bindings
of marginal utility, that will be difficult to use, just for the
short line on the mode line or for the sake of the few who turn off
scroll bars.

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