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unicode-xft branch

From: Miles Bader
Subject: unicode-xft branch
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 15:50:52 +0900

[I sent this message earlier but forgot to add appropriate CCs. -miles]

I've created the branch "unicode-xft" in both CVS and arch (the full
arch name is "address@hidden/emacs--unicode-xft--0").

I did this by cloning the unicode branch, and applying Jan D's trunk
xft patch from 2006-01-12.

I've fixed up the merge conflicts, but done no other testing or even
tried to compile the result.  There are very likely to be more fixes
needed before it will work in any sense.

Anybody that wants to hack on this branch, give it a go.

I will merge unicode/trunk changes into the unicode-xft branch at
whatever intervals people think is appropriate.

BTW, there are currently no ChangeLog entries for the changes in this
branch.  If somebody makes them, please put them in separate ChangeLog
files called "ChangeLog.xft" (this is the standard technique used to
avoid merge conflicts in ChangeLog files, which is otherwise a


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