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Re: comint-accumulate-marker

From: JD Smith
Subject: Re: comint-accumulate-marker
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 14:38:55 -0700

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 09:22 +1200, Nick Roberts wrote:
>  > I will install it shortly, but wanted to run one more variant of the  
>  > patch by everyone first.  This version is permanently enabled.  It  
>  > also saves input even when you use M-r/M-s,
> The previous patch seems to do that already.

Formerly only M-p, and M-n worked.  M-r/M-s could *appear* to work if
you had already used M-p to save some partial input, but it wasn't

> >                                              and it binds "C-c C-g" to  
>  > a new function `comint-restore-input',  so no matter where you are on  
>  > the history ring, you can zap back to your stranded partial input  
>  > with C-c C-g.  Let me know if that's a good binding (and where it  
>  > should be documented).
> I'm not sure that I would use/remember it.  It can't be on "C-c C-g"
> anyway because "C-g" is used to quit a command.  If it is installed, I
> guess it should be described in the node "Shell Ring".

C-c C-j, then?  Can you see any harm in having such a binding?  In the
terminal shell, since input is not a ring but a stack, you can just hold
down the arrow and get all the way back to your stranded input in a
hurry.  This doesn't work for a ring of history like comint's. 


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