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Emacs Mercurial (hg) repository available

From: Sascha Wilde
Subject: Emacs Mercurial (hg) repository available
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 19:01:20 +0200
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Hi *,

Mercurial[0] is a free, fast, lightweight Source Control Management system
designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

I started maintaining a mercurial GNU Emacs repository, converted from
the official CVS HEAD so one can enjoy the merits of an distributed
SCM when hacking Emacs.

The conversion is done automatically using cvs20hg and will be updated
at leased once a day.

The repository is available at


For further information on the repository and on caveats please read
the README.HG from my private repository:


For further information on mercurial see:


For further information on cvs20hg see:


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