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Re: replacing endline

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: replacing endline
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 18:11:25 +0200
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Fredrik Bulow wrote:
I don't see why this behavior shouldn't be labeled as a bug.
if you label that behavior as a bug, then you have introduced two
"bugs", not just one.  the first bug is in your mental model of how
emacs should work, and the second, the one labeled as suggested.  if
you pre-emptively fix the first bug, perhaps the second bug will, as a
result, vanish as well.

applying the above thought process to various behaviors, you may
be able to find and remove many bugs in the future.  good luck!


Thanks for that totally uncalled for insult.
If thi thinks there are two bugs then I think there are three now since I agree with Fredrik. Or should it maybe be four thi, if perhaps you are a bit wrong too?;-)

So once again, what is the good reason that (query-replace "\n" "#")
behave differenty than calling the same function with its keybinding
and providing it interactively with the same arguments?
I also have difficulties understanding the prompting in cases like this. I have nothing against the "C-q C-j" solution but it is not the first I think of. Is there any reason not to just convert the input as needed so that it in the interactive case works as Fredrik and I expect it to do?

This would make it easier at least for relative beginners. Could it be done in such a way that it is still easy for those who are accustomed to the current behaviour?

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