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Problem reports status update

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Problem reports status update
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:10:10 -0700

Thanks to efforts from a lot of people (Thanks!) we have made great
progress with the problem reports, the ones that are currently left
are listed below. Help finishing this off would be appreciated.

#       Type            Function Name                    File Name

Nobody has said anything about the following:

#13     FORWARD_NULL    encode_coding_string             emacs/src/coding.c  
#23     FORWARD_NULL    code_convert_region              emacs/src/coding.c  
#6      DEADCODE        try_window_id                    emacs/src/xdisp.c   
#17     FORWARD_NULL    best_matching_font               emacs/src/xfaces.c  

This one has a preliminary analysis, it would be great if someone can
look over it and confirm it.
#53     UNINIT          text_property_stickiness         emacs/src/textprop.c

These all seem to be the same/similar problems. But nobody has made a
final decision about them. (#19 was in this list too, but it
disappeared after RMS' checkin)
#27     FORWARD_NULL    xmenu_show                       emacs/src/xmenu.c   
#26     FORWARD_NULL    xmenu_show                       emacs/src/xmenu.c   
#26     FORWARD_NULL    xmenu_show                       emacs/src/xmenu.c   
#18     FORWARD_NULL    digest_single_submenu            emacs/src/xmenu.c   

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