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Re: pop-to-buffer does not change input focus

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: pop-to-buffer does not change input focus
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 22:01:03 +0200
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
With `pop-up-frames' set to t, `pop-to-buffer' will show a new frame  with
the buffer given. But if a frame showing that buffer already  exists, this
buffer is selected, the frame is raised, but it does not  get input
focus. This leads to situations where the frame is opened  on top of the old
one, but any input events go to the old one.

Sounds like a bug.  Please use M-x report-emacs-bug for such reports.
It also sounds like a bug that might depend on the window-manager or


I just tested this on w32 (CVS Emacs from 2006-04-09, unpatched) and there the test buffer *test* gets input focus as it should.

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