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RE: two-pixel trace left when move overlay

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: two-pixel trace left when move overlay
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:58:12 -0700

    > I have an overlay in buffer *Completions* to highlight the
    > current candidate
    > during cycling of candidates in the minibuffer. I use this code to
    > reposition the overlay:
    > (if (symbol-value overlay)
    >       (move-overlay (symbol-value overlay) start end buffer)
    >     (set overlay (make-overlay start end buffer))
    >     (overlay-put (symbol-value overlay) 'face face))
    > In Emacs 20, 21, and a CVS snapshot of June 26, 2005, this
    > works OK. In a
    > CVS snapshot of 2006-03-20, when I move the overlay, a
    > two-pixel (I believe)
    > trace is left behind. See attached screenshots.

    Hi Drew,  I tried to reproduce this with the files you sent me
    (I had to get
    hexrgb.el from the wiki), but I don't see the problem on X/GNU/Linux.

    Perhaps it is a Windoze specific problem?

No doubt (since I see it systematically, with just those files). Thanks for
trying on X/GNU/Linux.

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