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Re: "Timed out waiting for property-notify event" on RealVNC 4.X

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: "Timed out waiting for property-notify event" on RealVNC 4.X
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:29:46 -0600
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Andrew M. Scott wrote:

Emacs "Timed out waiting for property-notify event" on RealVNC 4.X
vncconfig when a large (> 2.5MB) portion of text is kill-ring-save(d).

Unfortunately, the EDA tool ascii log files we deal with are regularly
larger than 2.5MB.

Our use model is to run VNC viewer on one OS (e.g. WindowsXP Pro) and
run the EDA tools, Emacs, vncserver and vnconfig binaries on gnu/linux
I had not problem editing the same testcase in one vim-6.3 editor
session and copying the file contents and pasting into another vim-6.3
invocation, in the same VNC session.

1. Is there a way that GNU Emacs can be made more "tolerant" of the "Emacs being flooded with selection requests" issue mentioned in
   etc/PROBLEMS for klipper? (I'm assuming at this point that the
   this is the problem is the same for vncconfig).

   I'm a gdb, C, and X11 programming novice. I'll need explicit
   instructions if there is any debugging assistance I can provide to
   narrow the problem.

2. Killing vncconfig 4.X isn't really a solution to my general need
   for cut/paste support between apps within/between VNC sessions,
   clients and/or Microsoft Windows apps.

Copy-and-pasting the entire content of each file is not really a
solution for file sharing between your GNU/Linux and Windows platforms.
Why not run Samba on the GNU/Linux machine?

Kevin Rodgers
Sr. Software Engineer, IHS

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