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Re: mode-line major and minor mode help text and bindings

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: mode-line major and minor mode help text and bindings
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 23:04:24 -0400

    1. "major-mode-menu": This should be "major-mode menu" (or "major mode
    menu", depending on the hyphenation convention used by Emacs).

    2. "minor mode menu": This looks just like the major-mode case, but in this
    case it is not a menu for the indicated minor mode but a menu to turn on/off
    *any* minor modes. This should be called something like "menu to change
    minor modes" or "menu of minor modes".

    3. Why is the menu for the major mode on mouse-1 and the menu for the minor
    modes on mouse-3? Why not put them both on mouse-3 (but see #6, below, for a
    better suggestion).

Mouse-3 does minor modes in both places.  This is necessary so that
there is a way to turn on minor modes even when none are on.

    4. "help for minor modes" (with an `s') is apparently not correct. The
    mouse-3 minor-modes menu shows that these minor modes are all turned on:
    font lock, line number, and outline. However, mouse-2 over the minor-mode
    lighter gives only the help for outline-minor-mode (perhaps since that is
    the only lighter?); it does not give "help for [all] minor modes". If only
    one mode is described then this should be called "help for this minor mode".

I took action on these four.  Thanks.

    5. Enhancement suggestion: Have mouse-1 toggle the minor mode (of that
    lighter). This is a shortcut for using the minor-modes menu and choosing the
    corresponding menu item.

That would only give you a way to turn minor modes off.
I don't think it is a good idea.

    6. Enhancement suggestion: It seems a bit silly to have the same menu be on
    each of the minor-mode lighters - a waste of the mouse-3 binding.
    Suggestion: Instead, add this minor-modes menu to the major-mode menu as a
    submenu, "Choose Minor Modes". Bonus: if the minor mode (for that lighter)
    has, itself, a menu, that could be on mouse-3.

That would be less convenient, and there is nothing else natural
for mouse-3 to do here.

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