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Re: auto-update of Info dir file?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: auto-update of Info dir file?
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 23:54:06 -0400
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>> For each directory in `Info-directory-list', for each top-level file in the
>> directory (i.e. whose name doesn't end in "-N", N=1,2,3...): Check if there
>> is a corresponding entry in the Info `dir' file (in
>> `Info-dir-contents-directory'), and, if not, add one.

It may happen that some info files are in a directory where there are other
files as well.  If we could rely on the .info suffix it would help, but
sadly it is common for info files to have no extension.

> I think this will slow down Info startup to an intolerable degree.
> For example, I have more than 70 such top-level Info files in my Info
> directory, some of them compressed.

It's probably OK if we only do the check when the mtime of the parent dir is
more recent than the mtime of the dir file (and only under Unix, of course,
since this presumes POSIXy semantics).


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