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Re: ifinfo vs ifnottex

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: ifinfo vs ifnottex
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 06:39:42 +0300

> Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 21:53:47 -0500 (CDT)
> From: Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden>
> The Emacs manual contains several pieces of one type of text inside
> @ifinfo and another inside @iftex.  As a result, text is missing in
> all other types of output, except plaintext, which is covered by
> @ifinfo.  This concerns, for instance html output.  Is there any
> objection against changing these @ifinfo's to @ifnottex.  I will be
> careful not to change legitimate @ifinfo's, like references to
> info.texi or text saying that you are using the Info documentation
> system or such.

Please post the suggested changes here _before_ installing them.  I'm
not sure such a replacement should be automatic; I need to see the
surrounding context to say for sure.

(And please remember that @ifnottex affects everything except TeX,
i.e. XML and DocBook output as well.)

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