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Re: set-variable and customize-set-variable

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: set-variable and customize-set-variable
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 11:37:38 -0400

    The doc strings for these two commands are very similar. IIUC, the main
    difference is that s-v sets the current value only, and c-s-v sets the
    default value. I might not understand the difference 100% well - what is it?

Also, customize-set-variable sets the customized value, so that the
variable does not become "rogue".  That is to say, it works completely
with Custom.

     - Can we change the UI of s-v so that it too allows completion
       when appropriate (e.g. for a `choice' that includes `const's)?
       If completion can be used for c-s-v, then why not also for s-v?

I see no harm in that.

Whether it makes sense to have both commands, I am not sure,
but I don't want to consider changing that now.

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