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RE: Q on performance with 10000 faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Q on performance with 10000 faces
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 23:53:07 -0700

    > In any case, even without any special attempt at
    > optimization, the palette seems quite usable. I'm sure
    > there is room for optimization of my code, even
    > apart from any possible improvement in Emacs' display of
    > faces.

    Did you consider using images as I suggested.

Yes. I wanted to do it with faces ;-). It's worth doing with images also.

I still think Emacs should not slow down appreciably just because an
application uses lots of faces - unless you are doing something with those
faces (e.g. updating them) dynamically. I think there might be something to
look into there (after the release, if someone knowledgeable is interested).
But I know nothing about the display code; I'm just being stubbornly

    That must be quite trivial, and besides running faster (I

Yes, I'm sure that using an image would be both easy and fast. Sometimes I
like hard and slow ;-).

    you get over problems with font selection that you have now.

Not a problem. The code works fine with any font - you just get a larger or
smaller palette. The problem was that I was assuming that everyone had a
particular font - now the font is an option.

I'm very ignorant wrt fonts. I was mainly pointing out my ignorance and the
poor shape of the Emacs doc about fonts.

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