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Re: `smoothing_enabled' undeclared

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: `smoothing_enabled' undeclared
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 12:13:16 -0400
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>> By the way, it's the Unicode 2 branch.
> Not exactly `By the way'.  You stated at the start of your message that
> the problem was in HEAD.  This is pretty important
> preliminary information.  Also, if you do find a bug in the Unicode
> 2 branch, could you please try to find out if it's present in HEAD (Emacs
> 22.0.50) too.

Every branch has a "head".  The main branch is called "the trunk".

But you're right: since CVS has been so good at mixing up "HEAD" and "trunk"
(especially since there is/was no way to refer explicitly to the trunk on
cvs's command line), people should be extra careful when using "HEAD" to try
and avoid any confusion.


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