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RE: doc and help for defvaralias

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: doc and help for defvaralias
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 14:30:32 -0700

Let me be clearer about the connection to variables in this use case:

    2. I have used `defvaralias' to provide an alias (!) - no
    connection with deprecation. I have two libraries, one of which
    (eyedropper.el) is a rudimentary version the other (palette.el),
    providing only some of its functionality. The rudimentary library
    is for Emacs versions before Emacs 22, but that is irrelevant -
    one might simply be a lightweight, reduced version of the other.

    Some other libraries use (require) the eyedropper functionality,
    calling functions

and using variables

    defined in eyedropper.el and named using prefix `eyedrop-'.
    Library palette.el redefines the eyedropper commands,
    providing them with additional bells and whistles. Because the
    other libraries use functions

and variables

    that start with `eyedrop-', library palette.el provides
    `eyedrop-' aliases to its fancier versions (which are defined
    with prefix `palette-').

The point here was about variable aliases, but I didn't make that clear in
the use-case description. Libraries use the `eyedrop-' variables and in fact
get the `palette-' variables.

    If you use Emacs 22 and you have palette.el loaded, then you can
    use the other libraries as is and take advantage of the palette.el

of `eyedrop-' functions and variables,

    thanks to the aliases.

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