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Re: Russian letters

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: Russian letters
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 01:21:26 +0300
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Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Paul Pogonyshev <address@hidden> writes:
> > Andreas Schwab wrote:
> >> Paul Pogonyshev <address@hidden> writes:
> >> 
> >> > Russian letters loaded from file and newly typed are different
> >> > character no matter if `unify-8859-on-...-mode's are active or
> >> > not.
> >> 
> >> What's your language environment?
> >
> > I'm not sure I understand your question.
> C-h L (describe-language-environment)

UTF-8 language environment

Input methods (default rfc1345):
  rfc1345 ("m" in mode line)
  TeX ("\" in mode line)
  sgml ("&" in mode line)
  ucs ("U+" in mode line)

Character sets:
  nothing specific to UTF-8

Coding systems:
  mule-utf-8 (`u' in mode line):
        UTF-8 encoding for Emacs-supported Unicode characters.
It supports Unicode characters of these ranges:
    U+0000..U+33FF, U+E000..U+FFFF.
They correspond to these Emacs character sets:
    ascii, latin-iso8859-1, mule-unicode-0100-24ff,
    mule-unicode-2500-33ff, mule-unicode-e000-ffff

On decoding (e.g. reading a file), Unicode characters not in the above
ranges are decoded into sequences of eight-bit-control and
eight-bit-graphic characters to preserve their byte sequences.  The
byte sequence is preserved on i/o for valid utf-8, but not necessarily
for invalid utf-8.

On encoding (e.g. writing a file), Emacs characters not belonging to
any of the character sets listed above are encoded into the UTF-8 byte
sequence representing U+FFFD (REPLACEMENT CHARACTER).
        (alias: mule-utf-8 utf-8)

> Anyway, as documented, unify-8859-on-decoding-mode can only map to
> `iso-latin-1' and `mule-unicode-0100-24ff'.

That's fine, but if the same characters read from file and typed from
keyboard are different in a buffer, that's nothing else than a bug.
Tell the average user about language environments.  Ideally, Emacs
should work in this case as installed, without any configuration or
lines in `.emacs'.


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