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RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: facemenu-unlisted-faces
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 13:01:18 -0700

        I argued that we could treat fixed-pitchness in the UI the
        same way we treat boldness, and there is no need for users
        to monkey with face `fixed-pitch' at this level.

    It would be a nice interface, but we can't make it work.  There is a
    rule for how to take a font name and get the corresponding bold font.
    There is no such rule for finding a fixed-width equivalent.
    All we can do is offer ONE fixed-width font.

Right, but we need not do that via a face. We could simply add face
attribute :font-family "Courier" (or whatever) to the text that the user

Again, to avoid more misunderstanding, my personal preference is that we not
include fixed pitchness at the top level of menu Text Properties at all. It
is enough that we make fixed pitchness available in these two ways:

 - by changing the font, using the font menu
 - by applying face `fixed-pitch', using the Face... item,
   which would open (an active version of) the faces list

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