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RE: Info tutorial is out of date

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Info tutorial is out of date
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 10:33:43 -0700

    i agree that moving `i' more towards the beginning is a good idea.
    we can keep the node about invisible text and use it to introduce
    `i' (and `l'):

      Although info manuals are organized like a tree, you can jump
      directly to a specific topic using `i'.

I wouldn't call index entries "topics". I'd reserve that term for node
names. To me, `g' is for jumping to a topic; `i' is for looking up something
(not a topic, but anything) in the index.

      Read the following key sequence and then try it!

      Type           Explanation
      i              You see the prompt "Index topic:".
      invisible      A topic not immediately visible from here.
      RET            You visit node "Help-Inv" and Emacs displays
                     a message where "invisible" was found.
      l              You return here.

I didn't understand this at first, because it is in the form of a table. I
thought each row was separate; I didn't understand that you meant to type
process the rows in sequence. Perhaps numbering the rows would help.

I think something like this would be better, though:

  Type: i invisible RET

  When you hit `i', you are prompted for something to look up
  in the index. You type `invisible' and hit `RET' to look up

  Look-up finds Info node `Help-Inv', and it takes you there.
  That node explains invisibility.

  To get back to the node where you hit `i', use `l'.

That said, I really don't think node `Help-Inv' is helpful (or I don't
understand it). I also don't think your instructions above should use the
word "visible" in the context of talking about "invisible"; that just
confuses things.

I think it's better to have separate lessons for `l' and `r', on the one
hand, and `i' on the other.

I'd suggest taking a tour of the Index with `i' and visiting the TOC with
`T'. Since the TOC display is different from other Info pages, a mini-lesson
on using it could be helpful. Likewise, for `L' and the history display.

There should also be a brief visit to the glossary. BTW, there is no index
entry for "glossary" in the Emacs manual, and there is no glossary in the
Emacs-Lisp manual (and the Info manual).

We should also perhaps have a command for glossary lookup - perhaps `G'.

    i think this fits in w/ your point that it is best to DO something in a
    tutorial rather than just talk about it, and that navigation tasks are
    of lower priority than search tasks (if those were indeed your points).


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