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Re: Info tutorial is out of date

From: Slawomir Nowaczyk
Subject: Re: Info tutorial is out of date
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 21:03:35 +0200

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:37:59 -0700
Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:

#>     I frequently browse through the Emacs manual by following a link, then
#>     using `u' once or twice "to find out where I am" followed by `l' to get
#>     back to that link.
#> Interesting (and I do the same). Nothing wrong with this use pattern, but I
#> wonder if a command that tells you where are (in the manual hierarchy)
#> wouldn't be useful. It could be bound, for example, to `.' (a la `pwd').
#> (Yes, I know that `.' is currently a synonym for `b'.) It could display a
#> "breadcrumbs" message such as this: (emacs) Top > Minibuffer > Completion >
#> Completion Commands.

I would find such a command quite useful.

 Best wishes,
   Slawomir Nowaczyk
     ( address@hidden )

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