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lispref/text.texi "Fields"

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: lispref/text.texi "Fields"
Date: 24 Jul 2006 04:56:51 -0400
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i see in ../src/ChangeLog:

2006-06-27  Chong Yidong  <address@hidden>

        * editfns.c (Fdelete_field, Ffield_string, Ffield_beginning)
        (Ffield_string_no_properties, Ffield_end): Mention
        args-out-of-range error condition in docstring.

i think this info (possible out of range error) should be moved from each
function's docstring to the lispref node "Fields".  rationale is two-fold:
(a) possible error conditions do not really belong in the docstring, IMHO;
(b) there is no harm in mentioning them, anyway, in a centralized place.

any objections to this change?


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