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Re: Patch to remove minor modes in tutorial

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Patch to remove minor modes in tutorial
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 10:42:57 -0400

                     ;; These are not mentioned but are basic:
                     (ESC-prefix [27])
                     (Control-X-prefix [?\C-x])
                     (mode-specific-command-prefix [?\C-c])

Please put that constant list into a variable
instead of embedding it inside the function.

                  (lambda(left right)
                    (let ((x (append (cadr left)  nil))
                          (y (append (cadr right) nil)))
                      (while (and x y
                                  (equal (car x) (car y)))
                        (setq x (cdr x))
                        (setq y (cdr y)))

Please give this a defun and give it a doc string that explains
precisely what it tests.

                  (insert-button (car remark)
                                 (lambda(b) (interactive)
                                   (let ((value (button-get b 'value)))
                                     (help--describe-nonstandard-key value)))
                                 'value (cdr remark)
                                 'follow-link t
                                 'face '(:inherit link
                                                  :background "yellow"))

What is the purpose of presenting that button?
What does it do when the user clicks on it?
Comments have to say such things.

In general, your code has hardly any comments.  Please add comments enough
to make it _clear_.

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