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RE: address@hidden: Customize value menu doesn't recognizemouse-2]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden: Customize value menu doesn't recognizemouse-2]
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 13:52:39 -0700

    > > emacs -Q
    > >
    > > M-x customize-variable ad-default-compilation-action
    > >
    > > Click mouse-2 on button Value Menu. The menu opens. Try to click
    > > mouse-2 on a menu item - the action is unrecognized.
    > On GNU/Linux, with either GTK or no X toolkit, the value menu goes
    > away when I release the mouse button; selection is done by holding the
    > mouse button and moving the cursor over the menu item.  It works with
    > both mouse-1 and mouse-2.
    > Maybe this is Windows-specific behavior.

    Yes, it is, and it's deliberate: as long as the menu is active, the
    Windows version ignores the middle and the right mouse clicks; you
    must use the left button only to select menu items.

    This behavior was introduced by this change:

        2006-03-11  Eli Zaretskii  <address@hidden>

            * w32fns.c (w32_wnd_proc): Ignore middle and extra button events
            if a menu is already active (the menubar_active flag is on).

    The reason was a much more annoying problem reported by Drew in this


    Drew, I don't see any particular problem in asking Windows users to
    click the left button, even if they are in a menu dropped by the right
    button.  Do you?  (FWIW, I never select with the right button, even in
    other GUI applications.)

1. It would be good if the behavior were the same on Windows as other
platforms, if that were possible.

2. It would be good if either a) you could neither open the menu nor choose
a menu item using mouse-2 or b) you could both open the menu and choose a
menu item using mouse-2. It is the combination of being able to open the
menu using mouse-2 but not being able to choose a menu item using mouse-2
that seems wrong.

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