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Re: Emacs geometry

From: Sridhar Boovaraghavan
Subject: Re: Emacs geometry
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 21:46:45 -0700

On Tuesday July 25, 2006 06:26:35 +0300, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
 > > From: Sridhar Boovaraghavan <address@hidden>
 > > Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 20:21:26 +0000 (UTC)
 > > 
 > > I am using the latest CVS emacs on Windows XP. It is compiled using VS 
 > > 2002.
 > > This problem has recently started occurring. New frames in emacs are now 
 > > offset
 > > (by about a line both horizontally and vertically) from the existing frame.
 > > Previously, all frames used to be offset +0+0 from the left-top corner of 
 > > the
 > > screen (i.e no offsetting was taking place).
 > With "emacs -Q", this is the intended behavior: the latest changes let
 > the system locate the Emacs frame.  The original cause for the change
 > was to avoid locating the Emacs frame in the portions of the screen
 > occupied by the task bar and other decorations.
 > > My Emacs.geometry registry entry used to specify 80x48. I tried
 > > 80x48+0+0, but got the same behavior as before.
 > > 
 > > Is there a new setting that I need to use or is this "by design" that 
 > > others are
 > > also encountering? If it is the latter, what is the setting that would 
 > > cause all
 > > frames not to exhibit offsetting?
 > Setting the geometry in the default-frame-alist should work.  However,
 > you should be able to set the geometry in the registry as well.
 > Please provide the details--what are your settings in the registry,
 > when did you last resync with the CVS, and how to reproduce the
 > problem with "emacs -Q".

Thanks for responding.

I updated from CVS on Sunday, did a nmake bootstrap - I should be
pretty current.

In my registry, Emacs.Geometry = 80x48+0+0 (used to be 80x48). With
this setting and emacs -Q, default-frame-alist shows width as 80 and
height as 48, but comes up with an offset to the command prompt (DOS
box). Other registry settings that I have are to set the background,
cursorcolor, foreground and mousecolor.

I also tried setting a variable called geometry in default-frame-alist
to 80x48+0+0, saved it for this session, created a new frame (C-x 5 2)
and got the same behavior as before (offset frame). Is there a
variable called geometry that can be set in default-frame-alist?

It looks to me that the +0+0 in the Emacs.Geometry is being
ignored. Is that a bug? If not, how should I specify the geometry to
achieve the behavior that I want - i.e. have all frames start from the
left-top corner.


Sridhar Boovaraghavan

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