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Let `C-h i' open all Info buffers that were quit?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Let `C-h i' open all Info buffers that were quit?
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 18:01:10 -0700

Post-release feature request -

You can use `M-n' (`clone-buffer') in Info, to have more than one Info
buffer open. I don't know if other people use Info this way very much, using
different parts of Info in different buffers, but I do. Very handy.

`q' in Info quits it and remembers where you were, so that the next time you
use `C-h i', you reenter where you left off. Also very handy.

If you quit Info and reenter, apparently only the first Info buffer is
reentered (displayed) - the clones are not. The clone Info buffers are still
available, so you can get to them, e.g., via `C-x C-b', but `C-h i' doesn't
automatically display them.

If only one of the Info buffers is displayed by `C-h i', I'm not sure that
the original one is the best choice; perhaps the last one that you quit
would be a better choice.

Anyway, my real suggestion here is this: It would be handy if `C-h i' opened
(displayed) *all* of the Info buffers.

Even users who know about `q' followed by `C-h i' might not know that all of
their Info buffers are still available - that is, they might not think to
use `C-x b' to access them. I think letting `C-h i' open all of them at once
would be convenient.

If we implemented this feature, then it would also be good to have another
way of quitting Info, besides `q', which would be more definitive - the
equivalent of `C-x k', for instance - perhaps `x' ("exit") would be a good
binding for it. That way, if you're really through with an Info buffer, you
just kill it, so it won't be reopened later. That would be analogous to
closing a Web browser window instead of iconifying it.

I imagine that there will usually only be relatively few Info buffers at any
time, so I don't think it would be a nuisance for anyone if `C-h i'
displayed all of them. If people disagree, then we might consider having a
user option to express this preference (e.g. open all, open last, or open

If the prefix arg for `C-h i' were not already used for something else, I
would have suggested that it could be used to say whether you wanted to open
all Info buffers or only one.

Another possibility, which I would not like much, would be to have `C-h i'
ask you which Info buffers you want to display. To me, that would be a


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