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Re: Emacs geometry

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: Emacs geometry
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 23:37:37 +0200

* Eli Zaretskii (2006-07-31) writes:

> `pr' is tricky; I'm guessing that the Windows pipe emulation on the
> Emacs side and the console output on the GDB side don't work together
> well enough for `pr' to work from within Emacs.  (`pr' does work for
> me if I invoke GDB from the Command Prompt window outside Emacs.)  Use
> `xtype' to see the type and xint, xsymbol, xcar, etc., according to
> what xtype prints, to see the value.

Phew, finally! (c:

(gdb) p Fassq (Qtop, f->param_alist)
$1 = 23713793
(gdb) xtype
(gdb) xsymbol
$2 = (struct Lisp_Symbol *) 0x169d800

That was done withing a MinGW shell.  `pr' isn't working in that shell

Now as there doesn't seem to be anything in f->param_alist regarding
top or left I guess we can go for `initial-frame-alist'.

I'll look at the problems with gud.el as soon as I find time for it.


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