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Re: address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: No default for describe-font, bu

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: No default for describe-font, but one is advertised]]
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 12:48:13 +0900
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In article <address@hidden>, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     Sorry for the late response.  Actually, I originally wrote
>     describe-font and font-info for debugging fontset facility,
>     and forgot about them once they became unnecessary.  :-(

> When you say "they became unnecessary", do you mean we might
> as well delete them?

They became unnecessary for me because the part of fontset
debugging that used those functions were finished.  It's my
fault to keep those functions in a half-finished status,
sorry.  Their precise behaviour is not clear, and thus not
well documented.

> Anyway, would you please DTRT and ack?

As I still don't have a clear image about what kind of
information font-info should return, and how describe-font
should show that information to user, I don't want to change
font-info itself at the moment.  So, I'd like to do these:

(1) Explicitly say "Internal use only."  in the docstring of

(2) Improve describe-font to show more reasonable messages
    (as already suggested).  Improve the docsting.

Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

> Can you address this question, which was also omitted:

>>> But how can font-info return nil for the default font of
>>> the selected frame?  Emacs is already displaying text in that font!

> FYI, on Windows the problematic font name is

> "-outline-Courier New-normal-r-normal-normal-13-97-96-96-c-*-iso8859-1"

> (the asterisk is in the average width component)

As I wrote, I don't know.  It seems that something (perhaps
the function `query_font_func') is not correctly working on
Windows port.

Kenichi Handa

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