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allout revision, revisited

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: allout revision, revisited
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 14:02:42 -0400

here's a revision of the last patch package i sent, a week ago.  it
includes everything in that patch (which hasn't yet been applied),
plus a new major fix and some small revisions missed before.

the major fix finally rectifies use of close-comment characters in
major modes, like c's "*/" or mathematica's "*)".  they are no longer
mistaken for topic headers (due to the leading "*" asterisk) when
they're at the beginning of the line.  it also makes top-level topics
in these modes use the comment-start character.  formerly level 1
topic prefixes were problematic, because they defaulted to "*", even
in programming language modes.

this does not disrupt interoperation with outline-mode formatted
outlines, which still will work, and in fact allout-old-style-prefixes
for creating and editing outline-mode formatted outlines was failing,
and has been fixed.

this patch also includes navigation and unnecessary
encryption-passphrase cache-clearing that it did before, as well as
refinement of allout-mode activation/deactivation hooks and thorough
instrumenting of hooks for structural outline edits.

the change log is below and attached.  i also attached a new copy of
the NEWS file including the new significant facts, as well as the

i'm eager for this patch to be applied, as it enables me and others to
develop addons which cooperate intricately with allout activity
without having to change allout.el code, as well as resolving a
significant, long-standing logistical problem.

2006-08-05  Ken Manheimer  <address@hidden>

        * allout.el (allout-prior-bindings, allout-added-bindings):
        Remove, after long deprecation.
        (allout-beginning-of-line-cycles, allout-end-of-line-cycles):
        Add customization vars controlling allout-beginning-of-line and
        allout-end-of-line conveniences.
        (allout-header-prefix, allout-use-mode-specific-leader)
        (allout-use-mode-specific-leader, allout-mode-leaders): Revised
        (allout-infer-header-lead): Change to be an alias for
        (allout-infer-header-lead-and-primary-bullet): New version of
        allout-infer-header-lead which assigns the primary bullet to the
        same as the header lead, when its being changed.
        (allout-infer-body-reindent): Apply regexp-quote instead of
        unconditionally prepending "\\", so that all literal
        allout-header-prefix and allout-primary-bullet strings are
        properly handled.
        (allout-add-resumptions): Add optional qualifier for extending or
        appending to existing values, rather than replacing them.
        (allout-view-change-hook): Clarify docstring.
        (allout-exposure-change-hook): Take explicit arguments, via
        (allout-structure-shifted-hook): New hooks analogous to
        allout-exposure-change-hook for structural outline edits.
        (allout-encryption-plaintext-sanitization-regexps): New encryption
        customization variable, by which cooperating modes can provde
        massage of the plaintext without actually being passed it.
        (allout-encryption-ciphertext-rejection-ceiling): New encryption
        customization variables, by which cooperating modes can prohibit
        rare but possible ciphertext patterns from fouling their
        operation, with actually being passed the ciphertext.
        (allout-mode): Run activation and deactivation hooks after the
        minor-mode variable has been toggled, to clarify the mode
        disposition.  The new encryption ciphertext rejection variable is
        used to ensure that the ciphertext does not contain text that
        would be recognized as outline structural elements by allout.
        Substite allout-beginning-of-line and allout-end-of-line for
        conventionall beginning-of-line and end-of-line bindings.
        If allout-old-style-prefixes is non-nil, don't nullify it on mode
        (allout-beginning-of-line): Respect `allout-beginning-of-line-cycles'.
        (allout-end-of-line): Respect `allout-end-of-line-cycles'.
        (allout-chart-subtree): Implement new mode, charting only the
        visible items in the subtree, when new 'visible' parameter is
        (allout-end-of-subtree): Properly handle the last item in the
        (allout-pre-command-business, allout-command-counter): Increment
        an advertised counter so that cooperating enhancements can track
        revisions of items.
        (allout-open-topic): Run allout-structure-added-hook with suitable
        (allout-shift-in): Run allout-structure-shifted-hook with suitable
        (allout-shift-out): Fix doubling for negative args and ensure call
        of allout-structure-shifted-hook by solely using allout-shift-in.
        (allout-kill-line, allout-kill-topic): Run
        allout-structure-deleted-hook with suitable arguments.
        (allout-yank-processing): Run allout-structure-added-hook with
        proper arguments.
        (allout-yank): Enclose activity in allout-unprotected.
        (allout-flag-region): Run allout-exposure-change-hook with
        suitable arguments, instead of making the callee infer the
        (allout-encrypt-string): Support
        allout-encryption-ciphertext-rejection-regexps, and
        allout-encryption-ciphertext-rejection-ceiling.  Indicate correct
        en/de cryption mode in symmetric encryption failure message.
        (allout-obtain-passphrase): Use copy-sequence to get a distinct
        copy of the passphrase, and don't zero it or we'll corrupt the
        stashed copy.
        (allout-verify-passphrase): Respect the new signature for
        (allout-get-configvar-values): Convenience for getting a
        configuration variable value and handling its absence gracefully.


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