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Re: 1) `C-h m' minor mode info is too noisy 2) other suggestions about m

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: 1) `C-h m' minor mode info is too noisy 2) other suggestions about minor-mode help
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 00:44:03 -0400

I implemented most of your suggestions, but rather than using columns,
I just filled the paragraph.

    1. If you click a minor-mode name in the list, you go to the minor-mode
    description, but clicking [back] then does not take you back to the link you
    clicked - it takes you to a previous *Help* screen. This seems like a bug.
    If [back] can't be made to DTRT, then each minor-mode description should
    have a [back] (or [top]) link.

I pretty much agree, but I am not going to try to implement that.

    2. Each of the minor-mode descriptions is actually a description of the
    command that toggles the mode, not the mode itself, but nothing indicates
    this, and the command name is not even mentioned! Each description thus
    starts with several lines about toggling, which is quite repetitive
    (obfuscatory, in fact). It would be better to have just a description of the
    mode itself (not the command),

That would be a big change.  The description of the command is what
we have available.

    If there is nothing unconventional about the toggling, then the toggling
    info would be provided automatically by `define-minor-mode'. If there is
    something unconventional, then that info could be included in a second,
    optional doc-string arg. When that optional arg is present,
    `define-minor-mode' would not automatically add the (conventional) toggling

It is a reasonable idea, but too big a change to be considered for now.

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