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Fwd: Prepend an indicator to the minibuffer prompt to show you can use c

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Fwd: Prepend an indicator to the minibuffer prompt to show you can use completion
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:24:12 -0400

[whoops - sent a separate copy directly to drew, meant to cc the list.]

On 8/13/06, Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:
Minor feature suggestion, for after the release:

Prepend a one-character indicator, with a face that stands out, to the
minibuffer prompt, whenever completion is possible.
Knowing whether completion is available can change the way you interact with
Emacs. Not knowing it is available can mean that you miss out on a quick way
of inputting something.

i like this idea.  i have a few modifications.

first, i would prefer to use a new indicator in the fringe, when the
fringe is present - seems like this would be a nice use of that real
estate, more suitable than precious minibuffer content space.  the new
cue would display with the fringe top-of-buffer signal, when people
use that, but that's generally redundant in the minibuffer, since it
always has a prompt on the first line, and usually contains one or
just a few lines.

second, you get many of the benefits you seek, and more, with
something like icomplete.  with icomplete, on the third character you
get a concise indication of the completion prospects, not just that
completion is available.  a fringe indicator would not conflict,
however, and would still be nice, though less necessary.

An additional subtlety can help a little more: I prepend a different
character (`=') and highlight it in a different color, whenever completion
requires a match.

with icomplete you get different braces around the completion
prospects depending on whether the match is required or optional.

i think that having the option for an indicator in the fringe, whether
or not you use something like icomplete, would be good.



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