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Re: python-mode patch

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: python-mode patch
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:57:02 -0500
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>>>> Edward O'Connor writes:

    > FWIW, I use it. I imagine approximately everyone who is using CVS Emacs
    > to write Python code is using it too.

I don't use it, but then I only recently heard about it.  One annoying thing
about the built-in package is the creation of tmp buffers when using pdb and
stepping through the code via the interpreter.  The creation of the tmp buffer
is not a big deal (sourceforge python-mode does this too), but the CVS Emacs
version doesn't fontify it.  Other than that and the fact that "self" is not
fontified by default (py-pseudo-keyword-face for the other python-mode), I
didn't notice anything else... but I didn't use it very long... the
non-fontified tmp buffer is a non-starter for me.

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