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RE: Graphical Kill node in Emacs manual

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Graphical Kill node in Emacs manual
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 09:17:55 -0700

    The reason this does not mention the Clipboard is that it usually
    doesn't involve use of the Clipboard.  The Clipboard is an optional
    facility under X, and normally isn't used at all.

Perhaps I misspoke - I'm unclear on when the X clipboard is used to
copy+paste between applications (the subject of this node) and when it is
not used.

I really meant the _notion_ of a clipboard, that is, what is called the
clipboard in many apps, which in Emacs is closest to the kill ring itself.

My point about the "clipboard" here was really that this short node combines
two things: mention of 1) killing and yanking between apps, and 2)
delete-selection mode. The second paragraph (#2) does not need the first
(#1) to understand it, and vice versa - the two subjects are relatively
independent. If this node is intended to be about #1 (based on the title),
then #2 is off-topic.

    The Clipboard info is in the Frames chapter as part of the full info
    on Emacs and selections.  That is not a 100% ideal place for it,
    but I am not sure any other place is better.

    Perhaps Graphical Kill should have an xref leading to that
    whole part of the manual.

Yes, if the Clipboard section helps understand the stuff on inter-app
yanking, then an xref would help. As I say, I myself am not clear when the
Emacs (X) clipboard is actually used. I can copy and paste between apps, but
I have no idea if I'm using the X clipboard (I'm using MS Windows).

        #2 should be separated from #1, IMO. People will not find
        #2 by trying to go to node `Graphical Kill', and #2 has
        only a limited relation to #1 - it
        seems added here only as an afterthought.

    A node just describing Delete Selection mode would be undesirably short.

Likewise, a node saying only what is said in paragraph #1. That's why I
suggested merging it with its parent node.

        How about creating a node that describes PC Selection mode
        and Delete Selection mode, and relates them to Transient Mark mode?

    It might be a good idea.

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